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Member Benefits

"I’m an HBA member for many reasons, but the biggest reason is to support the overall strength of our construction industry.
Banding together to promote a healthy housing industry for generations is so important. I’m also a member because it
me to stay current on our industry…building trends, concerns, business ideas, etc. all help me
connect with new customers as well as improve my credibility with existing customers."

Jason Slenk
Overisel Lumber Co.

"Troxel Custom Homes has been an active member of the Lakeshore HBA for decades.  The opportunities for continuing education are super valuable, and saving money when we buy our trucks due to HBA discounts is great too. We have been able to have great conversations with other people in our industry that we might otherwise never meet (locally, in the state, and nationally), and the social events put on by the HBA are a great way to unwind as well. 

The cost of being a member is more than worth it - and the more you get involved the more valuable being a member
of the Lakeshore HBA becomes!"

Drew DeMeester
Troxel Custom Homes

“ We view our membership as an additional reason to choose our company for a project.  We have become our clients' connection to other members within the HBA, and recommend our HBA brothers and sisters before anyone else.   

We have also benefited internally from the years of experience that our board and members bring to the table.  There have been multiple conversations with other owners that have aided in our growth and helped us to avoid potential disasters.  There is a genuine comradery and desire to see every member succeed. 

The other team members of our company have enjoyed the outings and networking opportunities made available to them thru our connection with the Lakeshore HBA.  We consider our membership as another form of benefit (much like retirement, health, etc.) to our team members, and we use it as a tool for employee retention.  From Golf, to clay shoots, to axe throwing, there is always an event for our team to be a part of, and it helps to build our comradery internally.”

Ryan Spencer
Sharp- Roofing, Real Estate & Renovations

“Let’s face it, business is hard... so why do it alone? Being a member at the HBA allows you to connect with
like-minded individuals and companies that are at different stages which can allow for some awesome feedback
on things you might be struggling with or need some guidance on.”

Shane Vork
Vork Brothers Painting

"Landscape Design Services has been a proud member of the Lakeshore HBA for many years.  We appreciate the advocacy of the HBA and voice that it brings for the construction industry.  Although our trade like many members is specialized, we feel that the entire Association is impacted by many of the same issues.  A healthy construction community raises all ships."

Matt Bakker
Landscape Design

Lakeshore Home Builders Association Membership

The most Important tool in your belt!

HBA membership will help you get the most for your business through our mission of Education, Advocacy, Networking and Promotion.

Visit our event calendar to register to attend the next “Making the Most of Your Membership” class held monthly at the Lakeshore HBA office to be sure you’re maximizing your HBA membership.

Industry Specific Contracts

  • As a member of the Lakeshore Home Builders Association, you have access to a wide variety of contracts. These powerful contracts were initially developed in 1998 by a member attorney and a select group of builders. They have stood the test of time and litigation.  The contracts have recently been revised to reflect the most current construction laws and codes. They not only protect the builder but are also a valuable communication tool for your client by helping to clarify expectations and avoid misunderstandings for both parties.
    • Home Construction Contract
    • Remodeler Contract
    • Subcontractor Contract
    • Purchase Agreement
    • Contract Change Order
    • Limited Warranty
    • Construction Lien Act

View a full listing of available contracts and order form here.

Insurance Programs

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

On average, this self-insured fund has returned 45% of premium to members in the fund.

Click here to view our list of all additional, trusted-member insurance providers.

Life & Disability Insurance

We have a specially designed Life & Disability, Health Trust insurance plan specifically designed for Lakeshore HBA members through Lighthouse Insurance Company.

Learn more by clicking here.

Lighthouse Insurance Group: (616)392-6900

Click here to view our list of all additional, trusted-member insurance providers.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Discounts are available on program coverage to meet the specific needs required by the majority of LHBA members and their employees. Qualified members can earn up to a 10% discount on most lines and a rebate on the costs of materials after an audit. They also provide other discounted business and personal insurance coverage for members. Contact your local HBA for the authorized agent.

Click here to view our list of trusted-member insurance providers.

Copyright Infringement Liability Insurance

In recent years, there has been an increase of cases with multiple lawsuits in multiple states from companies that design and market home plans. Protect your company and its assets and prevent damaging your reputation. Provides basic, limited and accessible coverage in protection against claims of design infringement for residential and commercial contractors.

Marketing Opportunities

  • Publications: The Blueprint Monthly e-News Publication: The Lakeshore Home Builders’ Blueprint is sent to all Lakeshore HBA members via email, as well as select community leaders and media personnel. The publication is also available via our website to access 24/7. New members are mentioned in the HBA’s Blueprint the following issue after they join and members are able to advertise in the Blueprint newsletter at anytime.
  • Membership mailing list available to members upon request.
  • HBA Online Membership Directory: Our website features a member directory where consumers can find your company based on your business category. Enhanced listings and/or a scrolling logo along the main page of the website are available as well.
  • Peer-to-peer networking at member events like the annual Lakeshore HBA Golf Outing, Annual Clay Shoot, Builders Brews member happy hours and more.
  • Host or sponsor an event, like a Builders Brews happy hour or educational lunch and learn to get in front of your target market, whether it’s those in the building industry or the general public.
  • Participate in the Home Building and Remodeling Exhibitor Show
  • Builders, showcase your home in the Spring Parade of Homes: over 2,000 people tour homes
  • Members may utilize the HBA Proud Member logo on their website

Contact the Lakeshore HBA office at 616.392.6233 or to connect with the HBA on what ways you can best plug in by spending your time or marketing dollars to market your company.

Check the events calendar for more events and information

Educational Programs

In an ever-changing industry it is our priority to keep our tools and resources leading edge. We have up to date, industry-specific education programs. Classes are offered on a variety of subjects including safety, building science, marketing, sales, business, legal, social media strategies and many more!

Building officials attend our Codes & Construction reviews. Meetings are held at the Lakeshore HBA Office in Holland and at the Muskegon Chamber of Commerce.

Feel free to request a class on the topic and/or certification of your choice.

Continuing Education Courses


When you join the Lakeshore HBA, you become a member of the local, State, and National Home Builders Association. The HBA of Michigan impacts legislative, regulatory, and legal issues affecting housing affordability. The National Association of Home Builders analyzes policy issues, works toward improving the housing finance system, and analyzes and forecasts economic and consumer trends. Stay up-to-date on what the NAHB is doing for HBA members here

Please remember to keep the HBA informed of any difficulties you are facing: power hook-up delays, increased permitting fees, inspection or permitting delays, questionable code interpretations, and new or unreasonable township/county requirements. The HBA of Michigan may be able to advocate on your behalf, and our Legislative Round Table meets bi-monthly, and we are working to improve your industry. As builders, let us know these issues! We are able to plan our future agenda and invite the appropriate local officials to attend these meetings

Join us for the Legislative Round Table meetings at the Lakeshore Home Builders Association Office. Area legislatures meet with interested Lakeshore HBA members bi-monthly to discuss current local, state, and national legislative topics and economic outlook. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay current and ask questions of your legislators.

Lakeshore HBA members also periodically meet with code officials and Legislative Representatives for round-table discussions.

Exclusive Discounts

Don’t miss out on exclusive HBA member savings!

Your local membership provides you with membership to the HBA of Michigan as well as the National Association of Home Builders. All three organizations offer amazing discount and rebate programs! Your membership can pay for itself by taking advantage of these exclusive member discounts.

Builder Rebate Program

What if you could pay for your membership with this rebate program?  For the minimal effort of informing us of the products you use when you close a home or remodeling project, you will be putting money in your pocket.  No receipts need to be submitted because suppliers are used when confirming the purchase.  You don’t have to change the way you do business, simply fill out the online forms, and wait for your quarterly rebate checks. Our current member’s average savings is approximately $1,000, some report saving up to $6,000 per year. Go to or call toll-free 866-849-8400 for free registration and start receiving a quarterly check! 

Small Business Growth Partners

The HBA of Michigan (HBAM) has been working with our exclusive, private partner, Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) to help our members reach maximum growth and potential through their one of a kind BPA Process. This has been refined for over 10 years of working exclusively with Builders, Remodelers & HBA Associate Members. As an exclusive HBAM member benefit, we are offering you the chance to register for and redeem your Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions. An annual BPA is included 100% with your HBAM Member Benefits (A $2,200 value). Click here to redeem your free BPA.


Members of the Lakeshore HBA can access business, employee, and personal discounts through National Purchasing Partners (NPP). NPP is a member benefit provider of the Lakeshore Home Builders Association and helps members reduce costs with exclusive pricing.

Members can save on many useful brands, including Sherwin-Williams, Priceline, Office Depot, Batteries + Bulbs, if eligible Verizon, and more. See all savings with NPP.

Once you sign up with NPP, you will receive a verification email. When your account is verified, just log in and explore the catalog of offers. NPP membership is free and there is no obligation to buy.

If you need help registering, please contact or call 800.810.3909.

Meijer Discount

Meijer is partnering with the HBA tp offer a 10% discount on general merchandise through Mperks.  You must have a Meijer mPerks Account to use the discount.  Click here for offers and sign up deadlines.

Additional Discounts through the State and National Associations

Through agreements with more than 20 national companies, NAHB offers exclusive discounts on a variety of products and services that can benefit your business, employees, and family. Additional member discounts, with retailers like Lowes, Nissan, T- Mobil and more through NAHB here.

View additional member discounts through the HBAM here.


Every pro knows that networking can be a key to business success. That’s why the Lakeshore Home Builders Association focuses on providing ample opportunities for members to network in both formal and informal settings. Discover opportunities to build relationships with fellow professionals, future customers and suppliers.

The Lakeshore HBA, along with your state and national associations, provide countless ways for you to meet and build relationships.

Meetings and Events

Learn more about upcoming, local, meetings and events  like the Annual Golf Outing, Clay Shoot, Builders Brews member happy hours and more here.

NAHB’s 20 Clubs

NAHB’s National 20 Clubs take networking to a whole new level and are comprised of similar type builders or remodelers from non-competing markets who meet several times a year to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Members share and compare financial information, look for trouble spots, and offer each other advice on how to improve performance and increase profit margins. NAHB analysis indicates that 20 Club members perform better than non-members in financial growth and long-term success.

International Builder Show

IBS is the nation’s largest annual residential housing construction trade event for manufacturers and suppliers of home construction products and services; its exposition provides an unmatched opportunity for attendees to see and learn about cutting edge new products.

IBS is co-located with the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show® (KBIS) creating an annual mega-event called Design and Construction Week.® All registered IBS attendees have access to the exhibit floors of both shows.

The annual NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) offers attendees more than 150 education sessions during the three-day event. Attendees find both formal classes and numerous informal learning opportunities with ideas, information, tips and techniques they can put to work immediately.

Programs cover a broad range of topics on housing industry concerns including economic trends, business opportunities and new markets, technology, green building, sales and marketing, construction methods, business management, legal issues, government regulation, architecture, design, community planning and more.

Centrals at the International Builders’ Show

The International Builders’ Show features designated “Centrals,” special areas for members engaged in the fields of remodeling, custom building, multifamily, 55+ construction, design and sales. A variety of activities are available inside the Centrals including workshops, networking events, roundtable discussions and guided product tours of the exhibit hall. Each Central offers a specific area of focus within the building industry with its own schedule of events.

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